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Sustainable Finance Limited joins PwC Network
January 2009

Credit Cards' Latest Pitch: Green Benefits
February 2008 - The Wall Street Journal

Banks Set Guide on Financing 'Dirty' Plants
February 2008 - NPR

Leading Wall Street Banks Establish The Carbon Principles
February 2008

Wall Street Shows Skepticism Over Coal
February 2008 - The Wall Street Journal

Financiers hold the key to the future
Leo Johnson in Financial Times - June 2007

Banking in a New World Order
October 2007, The Globe

'Anita Roddick'
By Leo Johnson
Sep. 13, 2007 - The Wall Street Journal

Green Banking (.wpg - 32MB)
Sep. 1, 2007 - FBC Media

Banking on Sustainability (flash video)
July 20, 2007 - CNBC Europe

'Open Season'
By Leo Johnson
July 5, 2007 - The Wall Street Journal

'Adding up the numbers'
By Matthew Arnold
June 2007 - Environ. Finance magazine