Client Feedback:

Rabobank Brazil has worked with Sustainable Finance to develop a system to ensure the bank's commitment to the Equator Principles for project finance in the country. The expertise of Sustainable Finance has been crucial to guarantee a result that is compatible with the reality Rabobank faces in Brazil and has contributed to our ambition to be the world's best food & agri-bank through the provision of financial services with respect, integrity, professionalism and sustainability. — Rabobank Brazil

SFL have supported ABN Amro at various stages in the development of our approach to sustainable investment. In the immediate aftermath of the Equator Principles adoption they supported the development of our own internal systems and in training our key staff in their application worldwide. Since then they have provided professional input on specific projects and have now developed with us a comprehensive environmental and social due diligence and risk management decision support system which is web based.
SFL's great strength is their ability to provide leading edge thinking and support in the key areas of sustainable investment particularly in the emerging markets and to work with us in a collaborative and collegiate way to resolve problems and improve performance. We see them as part of our team in what has been a mutually beneficial relationship. — ABN Amro Bank

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