SFL offers its clients support in three key areas of strategy and policy development. Click on each link to read more.

•  Business strategy development

•  Stakeholder mapping, liaison and mediation

•  Policy formulation


Business strategy development :

First, what are the real business drivers?

- Attracting the Socially Responsible Investor (SRI) market?

- Managing reputational risk for the bank?

- Securing long-term capital from a range of international financial institutions for emerging markets lending?

- Positioning the bank as mandated lead arranger for complex project finance transactions?

Core Product: Sustainability Diagnostic: SFL applies a series of diagnostic tools and conducts intensive consultations with top management and business teams to identify the priority goals for the business.


Stakeholder mapping, liaison and mediation:

SFL helps identify answers to the following questions:

- Who are the stakeholders the institution depends on?

- What are the risks they pose?

- What level of performance will motivate them to translate that risk into reward?

For some complex and sensitive areas such as Forestry and Climate Change SFL has also facilitated 'positioning' for some of the largest financial institutions in the world, often after extensive stakeholder dialogues and mediation.

Core Product: Stakeholder Mapping: SFL maps the stakeholders who can impact your institutional performance—identifying the key performance requirements to minimise risk and capture opportunity.


Policy formulation:

Child labour – human rights – forestry – carbon: Expectations in these areas are constantly evolving. What policies does your institution need to meet the potentially conflicting requirements of both its stakeholders and its shareholders?

Core Product: Policy Benchmarking: SFL carries out a benchmarking of your institution's policy and procedure framework against industry best practice examples, e.g. “Where do you stand on biodiversity “No-Go” zones?” and others.