SFL offers its clients support in two key areas of capacity building and training. Click on each link to read more.

•  In-house training

•  E-learning & train-the-trainer programs


In-house training:

How much does the deal team buy in? And if they do, can they really sell sustainability to the client?

Core Product: In-house training: SFL offers a range of interactive training programs focused on building real commitment and capacity to execute sustainability strategies. In the past 2 years, SFL has trained over 1000 professionals from nearly 20 banks, including project finance, credit, legal, corporate finance, syndications and corporate affairs. Key programs, adapted to meet specific client needs, include the following:

  • Equator Principles Implementation for business teams: SFL provides an interactive 2-day workshop for credit, sustainability specialists and the deal teams. We customise these trainings according to the key sector and cases chosen by our client. On Day 1, we provide an overview of the tools and the techniques. On Day 2, we discuss how to put them into practice on real live deals.
  • Top Management Executive Briefing: A fast paced two-hour briefing for top managers on the key sustainability risks and opportunities facing the organisation.
  • Customised workshops: We offer customised workshops on topics ranging from Sustainability Product Development to Sustainability for Credit Risk Managers.

To view overall training feedback and selected feedback comments, please click here.


E-learning & train-the-trainer programs:

Are there new staff coming on board and new messages that you need to communicate without external training?

Core Product: E-Learning & train-the-trainer programs: SFL provides customised 'train-the-trainer' materials to banks on request as well as dynamic e-learning programs designed to build and test capability.