SFL offers its clients support in two key areas of management systems. Click on each link to read more.

•  Sustainability procedure development

•  Web-based decision support tools


Sustainability procedure development:

- Does your institution have access to a rapid screening tool to identify reputational risks for an advisory transaction?

- When is a Category-A deal doable, and when does it pose a real risk to the bank?

- How do you assess client risk, and how do you identify a low-capability, high-commitment client that could be a long-term partner for the bank?

Core Product: Sustainability Procedure Frameworks: SFL has worked in close consultation with the credit, sustainability and business teams of a number of leading banks in the world to develop procedures that work for credit, the community, and, critically, the client. The goal of SFL's procedure platform is not to turn down deals, but to make them doable, transforming the marginal deal through practical and effective risk management. The SFL procedure framework is based on a six-stage process wheel and culminates in identifying the value proposition to the client, dealing with residual resistance, and finally differentiating the bank.


Web-based decision support tools:

- How easy to use is the bank's environmental and social risk management procedure?

- Does it under-estimate risk with an informal approach?

- Does it over-react to risk with a bureaucratic approach that kills deals?

- Is there really a smooth and rapid flow of quality information between credit, sustainability and the deal teams?

Core Product: The Sustainable Finance Toolkit: In conjunction with several of our clients, Sustainable Finance Limited has developed a web-based toolkit that supports sustainability and other professionals with financial institutions in the implementation of environmental and social risk management systems. The Sustainable Finance Toolkit equips the project team to complete the environmental and social analysis cost-effectively across the project cycle. A series of linked tools enables key staff to screen the deal, identify risks, categorise the risk level, assess the client-level risk, and present appropriate information for internal credit or sustainability approval. The system is web-based and secure and also available as an extranet option enabling enhanced data storage and transfer.

To go directly to the Sustainable Finance Toolkit website, please click here.