SFL offers its clients support in two key areas of transaction and value creation. Click on each link to read more.

•  Project-level sustainability assessment

•  Syndications services - due diligence review


Project-level sustainability assessment:

As the sponsor of an emerging markets project you face a complex range of sometimes conflicting stakeholders. These stakeholders can pose risks to the deal, from community protest to negative publicity, to loss of financing from the Equator Principles project finance market. For well-structured deals they can also deliver reward —broad community support, rapid access to finance on competitive terms, crucial municipal operating license, and media and investor recognition of the project as an industry good practice operation.

Core Product: Project Sustainability Assessments: Sustainable Finance Limited offers high-level early project reviews for industry clients, presenting clearly and succinctly the key potential issues of the deal. SFL does not do the follow-on full-scale Environmental and Social Impact Assessments. There is no conflict of interest or incentive to focus on marginal issues for further analysis. SFL is a group of experts who have unrivalled international experience in handling complex projects, a team that knows, in short, how to handle the key issue and make the deal work.


Syndications services - due diligence review:

Does the client depend on you as lead arranger to handle the environmental and social issues with other banks in the syndicate? Before you commit to underwriting the financing, are there any issues you want to bottom out? Are there best-practice opportunities for the client to take advantage of?

Core Product: Syndications Services: SFL works with Mandated Lead Arrangers and Advisers to help ensure that the syndication process is smooth and predictable. SFL works with a team of specialists that have reviewed and managed a series of uniquely complex transactions to the satisfaction of the project finance market, from oil and gas, to pulp and paper to hydropower. SFL's team provides a set of expert resources on standby to supplement the expertise of in-house teams and to help position the bank to gain market share as lead arranger for complex deals.